Adjust the charge current in real time based on the battery type and capacity, to maximize the protection of battery life
Instead of normally 4ms transfer time, our parallel-online range reaches maximum 1.5ms reaction speed, which is largely enough for most applications
High efficient C.R.G.O. toroidal transformer matching un-balance design to achieve an overall efficiency of 99% in parallel online UPS range
Ideal for mixed load applications (both electrical and IT loads), compatible with generators and air-conditioners

Foshan SC Power Technology Ltd., established in 2002, is today a professional producer and solution provider of UPSs (400VA to 200KVA), inverters (1KW to 200KW), and stabilizers (10KVA to 200KVA), which are widely used in computer room, data center, commercial facility, telecommunication, industry, precision instruments, etc.

We provide complete power solution, circuit PCB design, OEM/ODEM power products to a global market.

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