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Industrial Type UPS
Choose from our vast range of UPS products below. We have UPS ranging from Parallel online UPS, Line interactive UPS, on line UPS, Outdoor UPS, solar & AC inverters and AVR. If you find a unit or model that fits your requirement, do drop us an email or call us at : 86-757-8123-0550 and our sales rep will be glad to assist you.
Pure sine wave single phase
Almight power Solution
Back up the business

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Adore 6KVA ~ 10KVA 

Pure sine wave single UPS 

Higher ratings on request

•Provide uninterrupted power for trasnportation signal control and telecommunications during the blackout 

•The world's most cost-effective three-phase line interactive inverter technology

•Excellent microprocessor control  & Superior quality and reliability guarantee

•Built-in boost and buck AVR input voltage regulator

•100% unbalanced load design

•Real-time automatic detection and automatic adaptation charging design  Optimized battery performance and life

•DC cold start function

•ECO energy saving mode ACR

•Compatible generators and air conditioning

•The world's shortest transmission time ≤1.5ms range of interactive online for most utilities, electronics field

•Built-in maintenance bypass switch above 10KVA

•Optionally RS232 / RS485 / SNMP communication port

•AC input circuit breaker protection, AC output and external battery input

•Provides programmable dry contact

•Subsystem modular design, easy on-site maintenance

LCD display or graphic LED  optional