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SC-MC Automatic MPPT Solar Controller

Automatic MPPT Solar Controller

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Automatic MPPT controller 




SC-MCA series ranked the first place among MPPT solar charge controllers, the advantage includes high conversion efficiency, wide range of PV input, professional PC monitoring( MAX.100V ) , charging for all types of batteries , intelligent control for output mode .This Is the most cost-effective MPPT solar charge controller.




  • Conversion efficiency up to 96.5%

  • 12V / 24V / 48V automatic identification system

  • 12V / 24V / 48V systems, PV input up to DC170V
  • Charging mode : three steps ( constant current & constant voltage & float charging )
  • Discharge mode: normally open mode, normally closed mode, PV voltage (sunlight) mode control switch
  • Connected battery type choosing: Sealed lead acid, Vented, Gel, NiCd battery. Other types of the batteries also can be defined

  • The controller LED digital display battery voltage and charging current, PC show various parameters 

  • RS232 communication and protocol can be provided

  • CE, ISO9001 certifications approved

  • One year warranty