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Low Power Solar Inverter
Choose from our vast range of UPS products below. We have UPS ranging from Parallel online UPS, Line interactive UPS, on line UPS, Outdoor UPS, solar & AC inverters and AVR. If you find a unit or model that fits your requirement, do drop us an email or call us at : 86-757-8123-0550 and our sales rep will be glad to assist you.
Pure sine wave single phase inverter
Office and household Power Solution
Back up for working , studying and entertainment

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Pure sine wave single phase inverter
Higher ratings on request

·Excellent microprocessor control guarantees superior quality and reliability
·High efficiency C.R.G.O. technology with output isolation transformer
·100% unbalance load design with lower energy loss
·Real-time auto-detectable and auto-adaptable charging current design for optimized battery performance and longevity
·ECO & AVR mode operation for energy saving
Generators and air conditioners compatible
·Auto-restart while AC is recovering
·Over-load and short circuit protection
·Cold start function
·Communication port on RS232 / RS485, SNMP adapter (optional)
·Modularized design of subsystems, convenient for field maintenance
·LCD display or graphic LED  optional