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City Power Inveter
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SC-G off-grid hybrid Inverter
Built-in MPPT solar charge controller with city power charging hybrid Invertor

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Hybrid Inverter 




      SC-G is  the hybrid inverter with built-in MPPT solar charge controller ( (MPPT and AC charging interactived )


  • Easy to install and configure a solar system ,users just need to connect it with solar panels and batteries

  • CPU management,intelligent control,modular design

  • LCD display with a visual display of the various parameters

  • Multi-functional ; A variety of working mode can be set

  • External battery connection , it's convenient for users to expand back-up power time

  • Strong loading ability,low failure rate,easy maintenance and long service life

  • .Perfect protection:low voltage protection,high voltage protection,overheat protection,short-circuit protection,overload protection

  • CE , ISO900 certificated approval

  • One year warranty